About Drydene

100 years of heritage and innovation

We are American-owned, operated, and driven. We propel the American industry forward by doing what we do best: work hard, work smart, with innovative products that perform day in, day out. We're here to help tough jobs get done, no-frills, no-nonsense, no BS: just the value and performance you expect from a company that's been around 120 years.

We won't compromise on our standards. That's why Drydene Products are formulated with ALLTechnology, our Advanced Lubricity Life standards. We set the bar high by providing products that you've come to know and trust, while ensuring we stay ahead of the demands of today's engines and commercial equipment.

America was built on hard work. With Drydene, you know you'll get the quality that you need to get it done in the toughest conditions. Whether the job is in automotive, heavy-duty, or industrial sectors, Drydene is there. Click here to find the right Drydene product for your job.


Our Mission:

We help America get the job done. And we're not afraid to get dirty doing it.

Our vision:

To propel American industry to higher standards, higher performance, consistent growth, and innovation.

Our values:

  • Uncompromised Value - We give you a bang for your buck.
  • Quality Tested - Drydene products are tested to ensure they meet ALL Technology standards.
  • Integrity - We deliver what we promise.
  • Proven Performance - Our products get it done in the toughest conditions.
  • Customer Driven - We insist on seeing the world through our customers' eyes.
  • Courage - Boldly pursuing the best solutions with new technology
  • Dedication - American industry is part of who we are, and we'll continue to drive it forward

"At Drydene, we've never shyed away from hard work. Our legacy is also our commitment to the future–dedicated service and pride in what we do."


Dave Klinger
President, Drydene

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